Be in control of your digital assets

React in real-time to potentially unwanted manipulation of your files and logs. Defend yourself from both outsider and insider threats with a simple yet powerful open source solution.

Monitor all changes in your critical files and logs

Discover and analyze potentially unwanted modifications of your digital assets. Trailbot securely records all changes made to your data and reports it back to you in real time in an easy to read format. Rest assured that your data was not tampered with and get tamper-proof audit trails that not even the system administrator can modify, damage or destroy.

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React to potentially unwanted modifications of your data

Leverage the power of Trailbot Smart Policies to control what happens when unwanted or unexpected events occur in your system. We have published some generic policies that will cover common monitoring needs, but you can also reuse and fork community-developed policies or even create your own!

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Trailbot Smart Policies

You are now in control.


Roll modified files back to a clean state. Make your data imposible to manipulate, distort or tamper with.


Keep an incremental backup of all your important data, perfectly updated up-to-the-second.


Anchor an up-to-date hash of the content of your monitored files into the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain.


Seamlessly connect your security events to a whole world of apps: Slack, Trello, Dropbox, Twitter, Twilio...


Receive an email with an easy to read diff report every time your monitored files are modified.


Shut the whole system down. Because worst-case scenarios exist and some times there is nothing you can do.

Your custom Smart Policy

You can also create, share and fork your own custom policies. Because in cyberscurity there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

Your security events, connected to 500+ apps

Zapier lets Trailbot connect to over five hundred online services such as Trello, Slack, Gmail, Mailchimp, Twitter, Dropbox, Twilio and many others.